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Woman who claims she was raped by Neymar threatens to release video of the ‘attack’, says she should have killed him when she had the chance


The woman who has accused Brazilian football star Neymar of rape has reportedly been dropped by the law firm representing her as doubts escalate over the veracity of her allegations.

The latest twist in the case emerged last night after the woman threatened to release a video of the alleged attack to the media to ‘ruin’ the Paris Saint-Germain striker’s career.

She is also said to have revealed in a heated exchange that she ‘should have killed the player when she had the chance’.

Rio de Janeiro based lawyers Fernandes and Abreu reported that the woman first alleged she had been physically assaulted by the player – but had not mentioned she was raped until lodging the complaint on May 31.

A report by a private doctor reveals that the 26-year-old woman had ‘bruises and scrapes on the buttocks and displayed an anxious and depressive disorder along with unspecified superficial traumatisms.’

The examination was made a week after the alleged assault which is believed to have occurred on May 15 in Paris

Her representatives said they decided to withdraw their services after their ethical standards were compromised by the woman’s behaviour, according to reports on Brazilian Globo TV

They advised her that to avoid a court case it would be better to strike a deal with Neymar’s legal team because the process could be ‘long and drawn out’

However the accuser refused to accept these terms and claimed she wanted to get ‘maximum’ coverage by releasing the ‘damning’ video.


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