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Why Charly Boy Collapsed During His Anti-Buhari Led Protest


Famous Nigerian performer, Charles Oputa prominently known as Charly Boy has said that he drooped amid the counter Buhari dissent following an assault from more than 200 Policemen. 

As per Charly, the seat-out dissent turned brutal when more than 200 policemen assaulted around 10 particiP@nts at the Millennium Park in Abuja. 
Talking in a meeting with Daily Post, Charly Boy said that in spite of getting trusted status, for the challenge by a common society gather under the stage of “OurMumuDonDo,” the policemen raged the scene and began “tear gassing” and physically ambushing them.
He said: “Our country is finished. We were only 10 people attacked by over 200 policemen. They were tear gassing us.
“Today was actually meant to be a sit-out, we planned to gather in one place to discuss the problems we have and about the way forward but all of a sudden, we were attacked by policemen. They came with teargas, water cannon.
“Even the journalist from silver bird that was brutalized is still in the hospital, they damaged his camera, all in an attempt to dispatch us. Everything got ugly when they started to throw teargas. After this we dispatched.
“We did get the police clearance and we told them it was going to be for one week. We went to all the security arms, they were all with us. I just wonder what happened today.
“I use to feel very comfortable with the Nigerian police until today even if other people feel otherwise.
“We have a right to protest as long as it is peaceful, if you are writing to the police, it is just to inform them and not to get their permission, you write so they can give you cover. It is our right to gather, it is also our right to ask questions.
“We were only 10 people and yesterday we were like 200, yet they did not attack us, so I’m wondering what actually went wrong today.
“When we confronted them, the only thing they told us was that the protest was being viewed from all over the world, but the world knows that Nigeria has a problem.”


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