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The real meaning of Dorobucci-Dr Sid


You know there was this viral report that Dorobucci is a devil worshiping song.The hit song by the Mavin’s is also one of the biggest tracks of 2014.Dr Sid told Punch what it really means

Mavin Records is a lifestyle brand, it’s a total package. It’s love, responsibility, passion, it’s everything. When you say a lifestyle brand, it’s how you live. Mavin stands for anything that is a genius and amazing. Mavin is Dorobucci. It’s a brand that stands for perfection and excellence and that’s what we always try to bring when it comes to the music industry.
Many people want to know the meaning of Dorobucci, what is Dorobucci?
Dorobucci means a person or an individual that is awesome, amazing, rich, swagged-out, sexy and buff. Any word that qualifies greatness, that’s Dorobucci. ‘Bucci’ means anything that is amazing, fun. Doro makes Bucci a person, Doro personifies Bucci so you’re Doro, and I’m Doro. This table is Doro, anything is Doro.


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