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Strange! Wedding ceremony to celebrate the break-Up of a Chinese couple


A Chinese woman called Doudou, who is in her twenties, decided to celebrate breaking up with her lover with a fake wedding ceremony

The woman was swept off her feet by the businessman, who is 11 years her senior.

“I found him charming and romantic and thought I had met my dream man, and that we would spend the rest of our lives together,” she said.

The woman claimed she didn’t know the man was married when they first got together and was very upset when she found out.

She decided to have the ceremony to remember her first love before she goes back to Beijing to continue graduate studies.


“I have accepted that I am going to lose him, but I didn’t just want to walk out of his life and never see him again,” she explained. “I wanted to have something like an event that would really mark a turning point. That was when I came up with the idea of a kind of symbolic wedding ceremony for the symbolic life that we could have had together.”

It was held on top of a mountain in a pavilion decorated with flowers, and balloons, and wine and cake were served. The man didn’t know about the arrangement till he arrived. He was just told to wear black tie.

On the day of the ‘un-wedding’, the couple dressed up as bride and groom and had a ceremony with special vows – they confessed their love for each other, but mentioned that they would be parting ways.

The couple officially parted by exchanging rings, opening champagne and cutting a cake.

Ye Cheng, the owner of the hotel where the ceremony took place, said: “I must admit it was the smallest ceremony we have ever had, but business is business. They wanted it done in a rush, and I’d received a cancellation so managed to fit them in without any problems. I even had the decorations in place.”

The media was permitted to take pictures of the ceremony as long as their real names and faces were not revealed.


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