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R. Kelly is in Court Now as he was sued by his older brother for not paying his salary


According to TMZ  R. Kelly’s brother Bruce Kelly is suing him because he refused to pay him for over 3 months. Read report below…

“R Kelly worked his brother to the bone — 144 hours/week according to Bruce Kelly
… who says he never got a dime, so now he’s blowing the whistle on
the singer with the State of Illinois. Bruce says his younger bro hired
him in March as a personal assistant
and driver, and they had a verbal agreement — for $700 a week, Bruce
would do food runs and chauffeur R. Kelly. But the brotherly love faded
after Bruce started working overtime without seeing any green.

According to docs filed with the state labor board, Bruce says he
sometimes had to wait up to 12 hours in the car for R. Kelly … and never
got any sleep.

He tells us he even spoke to R. Kelly about the $11k in back pay he
claims he was owed … but baby bro didn’t care. Bruce says he put his
foot down after 3 months because he’s “not working for nobody, not even
his brother, for free.”

The labor board is still investigating his claim. We reached out to R. Kelly’s reps, but no one’s gotten back to us.



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