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PHOTOS: Pig’s Head Buried At A Shop In Lagos Discovered


Some people go too far in their quest…hmmm. It all happened on Monday, 28th of November, 2016 around 11am.

According to the source who shared the story, a man dug out what happens to be a pig’s head which was buried under a shop, somewhere in Abesan estate in Ipaja area of Lagos.

Everyone was shocked and soon enough everywhere was filled with exclamations of “Jesus!” “God forbid!” “Nawao!” “human beings”.

According to the lady (new occupant) and her
husband (the one that dug it out), she had a dream of a big lizard trying to find a way inside the shop but couldn’t seem to get in…

The shop had been vacated for some time by the former occupant (who was speculated to be an Alhaja, but she’s a Christian who got married to an Alfa) and was open to rent. So this lady, said to be a member of “THE CHOSEN” church, took rentage but felt uneasy about the shop, so the couple called for a prayer minister to join them in prayers.

According to them, as the man stepped into the shop he jumped over the spot in which the animal’s head was buried and immediately told them there was something wrong with that particular entrance point and they should dig it up.

They listened and on November 28, the husband, after searching fruitlessly for a bricklayer, decided to break the cemented floor and dig it up himself.

According to him, the suspicious spot looked different from the others and could have suggested that the act was carried out not too long ago.

Fingers are pointing at the woman who vacated the shop. But no one is sure.



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