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Oh No! What Doctors Removed From a Woman’s Stomach…See!!!


Doctors were stunned when they operated on a woman whom they thought was pregnant with multiple babies.
The woman identified as Keely Favell’s big tummy made her go to the hospital for a test. When pregnancy test came back negative, kelly thought she was just adding weight but her stomach kept getting bigger forcing her to return tio the hospital

Upon conducting a scan as required by her GP, it was discovered her huge bump was a huge ovarian cyst weighing more than four stone, the same weight as seven newborn babies.

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The 28-year old Kelly had a five-hour operation to remove the growth, which she has since nicknamed Mr Whippy.

She said:

I didn’t understand why until I came round and everyone was treating me like a minor celebrity. They explained how big this cyst was and showed me pictures – I couldn’t believe I’d been walking around carrying this medical alien.

It looked like a massive pile of ice cream so I called it Mr Whippy!


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