Home Entertainment Meet The Sweeetest Housemate So far in BBNaija 2019

Meet The Sweeetest Housemate So far in BBNaija 2019


Khafilat Kareem is an indigene of Ekiti State born in London on 3rd November 1989.

She spent part of her early childhood in the United States of America.

She is well travelled and has visited the 7 continents of the world living in places such as France, China, Brazil and Italy.

A polyglot, Khafi speaks French, English, Italian, Chinese, Yoruba and British sign language.

She attended Royal Holloway University in England after which she went into a brief career in politics and contested an election in her local constituency Hammersmith under the labor party in the United Kingdom.

Khafi is a constable with the Metropolitan Police Force, a YouTuber and a motivational speaker.

She has featured in many movies including; Evolution of US, lost in London amoung other. She is the author of the book ‘25by25’.

She is talented in spoken words, singing and dancing, she is an active member of her church choir


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