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Davido Bought Fame, Wizkid Earned It! Checkout On Who Said It

In an Interview with the Vanguard, she was quoted saying, Wizkid earned his status as a superstar artiste while Davido bought his way up in the music industry. 

Marenikae says Davido bought fame but Wizkid earned it.
On Wizkid, She said:-
“Wizkid is an all-rounder because of his vibes; thanks to his learning and struggling years.
Struggle in the industry teaches you how to be a better artiste, it teaches you how to navigate in the business, how to improve, how to grow, it makes you more perceptive, more aware of what the market needs and I think this struggle shaped Wizkid’s career and drive”, she argued.
While speaking on how Davido bought his current stardom, she said:-
“Davido on the other hand grew in better circumstances and his career also snowballed in better circumstances but he’s also good.
There are some Davido’s songs I love more than Wizkid’s but if I have to pick one person, looking at Wizkid’s artistry, image, performance and history, I’ll pick Wizkid.
As far as image is concerned, Wizkid is very sophisticated.”

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