First corruption is defined according to Mariam Webster dictionary as  

Ø A sinking to a state of low moral standard and behaviour,

Ø A dishonest or illegal behaviour especially carried out by powerful people,

Ø  An Immoral conduct or practices harmful or offensive to the society.

On the other hand Advance English dictionary defines corruption as lack of integrity, honesty (especially susceptibility of bribery) use of position of trust to dishonest gain.

English Dictionary defined as the act of corrupting or impairing integrity, virtue or moral principle, the state of being corrupted or debased , loss of purity or integrity, depravity, wickedness, impurity, bribery. It can also be an act of changing or being change for the worst, departure from what is pure, simple or correct as as a corruption of style corruption in language.

Corruption is a menace that has eaten deep into our society. It affects every strata of life such as agriculture, education, politics, science, health, Church, family, government MDA’s and parastatals and even our homes. For the purpose of this piece, I will limit corruption down to education as it affects our women.

In our higher institutions today, e.g. Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education etc. The issue of sexual harassment against female students by their male lecturers is very alarming. This itself is corruption on a large scale. Many a time, male lecturers demand sexual gratification before they can be allowed to pass their exams. Some of these lecturers are bent on doing this to the detriments of these innocents and defenceless female students who do not want to fail or carry over any courses. It is also very sad to discover that some female students have decided to throw caution to the wind and dignity of woman is no longer valid by offering themselves free to the male lecturers to get higher grades in their results

At secondary school level, young girls of nowadays hardly settle down for their final or WAEC examinations but prefer to give their bodies to their boyfriends, their teachers, invigilators, or employ friends as machineries also known as “candikot” or “candibush” to write examinations for them. The ill treatment of some female Corp members due to lack of corporation with their boss in whatever means are also being victimized.  

Tola Oluyemi




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