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Beauty Tip: 2 FAST Ways To Get Longer, Thicker Lashes


Lashes enhance the eyes, the fuller and thicker the more the frame the eyes and make them pop.

It’s however important to note that lashes should be well taken care of because they are delicate and take forever to grow back, a single strand pulled out can take months to grow back.

If you want full amazing lashes -apart from taking great care of them by not fixing falsies often, tugging at them unnecessarily-these fast remedies work well in a few weeks to achieve the desired results: *Choose 1* …..

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1. The Olive and Castor Oil Treatment

Olive and Castor oil work well for conditioning and intense moisturizing. Its the reason both are used in haircare. They also both work wonders for moisturizing the lashes (mix both oils).

How to:
– Mix equal parts Olive oil and Castor Oil together
– Apply this mix to the lashes using clean ‘wand’ or brush, paying attention to sweep each strand properly with the mix.
-Leave this on for hours or overnight to moisturize the lashes while you sleep
You can do this as often as necessary.

2. Egg Whites and Castor Oil Treatment

Egg whites help with growth and shine as it works as a beauty ‘product’. Combining this with Castor oil that also works wonders leaves you with lush, thick and fuller lashes.

How to:
– Break an egg to get the ‘white’ part
– Mix equal parts of the egg white with Castor oil properly
– Apply this to the lashes with a clean wand
– Leave this on for about 45 minutes then wash off with running water

Note: that this could get a little messy, so do this when you can stay indoors.


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