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Actress Angela Okorie Calls Out Fake Friends Who Slept With Her Man


It appears that Angela Okorie has just been betrayed by one of her female friends who might have slept with her man. 

Angela Okorie has called out her fake friends, who she claimed slept with her man while showing fake social media love.  According to the actress, these friends call her ‘sis’ and also claim they are preaching the gospel but don’t know God. She further stated that speaking bad about her will destroy them, even when she has been good to them.  Angela Okorie who called out her fake friends who slept with her man via Instagram, wrote;  “There are lots of them doing social media love,Preaching Gospel yet they don’t even know God , Some calling You sis Sis kill u there They comment lovely words on ur post , shameless people And goes to snitch , say ill things about u,Still goes behind to sleep with ur man And comes back to say love u sisGod will punish all of you one by oneGod will expose you all in Jesus a name Amen.Speaking bad about me will only destroy you especially when I have been of help to you.I said God will punish you I said what I said ,Every unfriendly friend In my life be destroyed by fireThey will still come and comment here If u know your self and comment on my page Thunder will strick you.Very Any how things them” 


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