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9 New Year’s Resolution Made by Most Couples


To lose weight- You spend two weeks staying up till the
early hours, eating all your Christmas gifts while watching your
favourite TV shows and your only exercise is to lift the remote and a
trip to the bathroom. You figure if you lose weight together you will
keep each other motivated- but all that happens is you swear not to tell
anyone else about your cheat days. It’s your little secret.

To go on a diet or eat healthier- Towards the end of
December, you eat all your bad food as quickly as possible; give it away
of freeze it all to minimise temptation. Then you go out and buy masses
of healthy food that you have no idea how to cook and it all goes off
in your fridge.

To save money or pay off debt- You try to
keep a little aside in a jar but as soon as either of you needs cash-
it’s your go to place and before you know it- you’re back to square one

Drink less alcohol- Your regular Friday night
take away and two bottles of Rose has to go- somehow it doesn’t have
the same appeal as a salad and a glass of water when you’re binge
watching The Walking Dead.

Take up a new activity- You try walking and
give up because it’s too cold. You have a go at swimming together, but
it’s too much effort to get there and back and take a shower afterwards.
You’ve had a bash at running together but one of you fell over while
the other had an asthma attack. You’ve not got the stamina to share
anything other than your love of boxsets.

Learn a new skill- You dabble with cooking
together and end up fighting because your kitchen isn’t built for more
than one. Then you decide to take a dance class and realise that if
there’s no Malibu in your hand and club music in the background, its
really not that fun.

Spend more time with family- You make a plan to see
them once a week- your first instalment comes around and you realise why
you like each other’s company so much- sometimes just your own is fine

Develop an existing skill- You know how to
have sex- but you feel you should push the boat out and learn a new
position or do something more like dress up for one another or buy a sex
toy. As the month goes on you fall back into your normal sexual routine
and the sex toys and outfits get put away to gather dust.

Get better at a sport- You already know how
to watch TV together- but what you haven’t perfected is what you’re
going to watch in advance. You save the endless hours of trawling
through Netflix and try to plan ahead by making a movie/TV schedule.
This one might just stick.

Based on results by Leo Vegas.com


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