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3 Signs To NEVER Ignore When They Show On The Face


There are health signs the face shows that the average man may not know about!
In some cases, people wonder how physicians/health practitioners know about a health condition before even running a test (they can tell just by looking at the face)

The face carries a lot of signs that may be dismissed -usually telling before the sickness for instance sets in!

Unusual signs anywhere over the body should ordinarily not be ignored and with the face especially; these signs should be noted as they are usually indicators of underlying health issues which can be very serious:

1. Extremely Dry Skin
Very dry skin should be paid attention to especially when they come with
equally dry/flaky lips.

It’s possible to have dry skin but when it’s noticed as unusual then attention should be paid to it especially if not caused by weather, hot tub baths and other minor issues.

An excessive dry skin and lips may be as a result of dehydration which could be an indication to poor dietary habits, vitamins or an underlying health issue.

Hydrate the skin by drinking water, loading up on vitamins and improve on diet and if it persists, see a physician.

2. Facial Hair
Too much of facial hair studies reveal may be an indication to cancer of the ovaries or a tumor!

Although some ladies especially can come off as hairy but excessive hair around the lips, jaw line and around chin may be an indicator to a health issue.

Excessive hair over the body is usually as a result of a hormonal imbalance but it’s best to investigate by visiting a health practitioner.

3. Pale/yellowish eyes/skin
Extremely yellowish skin and eyes are usually indicators of jaundice. If the face and the eyes turn very yellow where it’s noticeable then there’s a possibility of a liver disease like hepatitis which should never be left untreated.

Yellowish skin can also mean the pancreas or gall bladder aren’t functioning well and they should be checked ASAP.


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