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Why Is Adekunle Gold Trying Very Hard To Conceal His Relationship With Simi In This Interview?


YBNL sensational singer, Adekunle Gold is currently on his US tour to promote his music and album “Gold“. After having a lovely performance at Maryland, United State he sat down to have a chat in an interview and he talked about his music, tour and album.

The host Reni asked Adekunle Gold why he featured only Simi on the album and he was trying very hard to sound to serious, he gave some flimpsy excuses about her having a good voice texture that matches his voice very well, a good synergy and connection. The host tried to woo him to revealing more details on why he featured only Simi on his album but he pretended like there was no other reason like we don’t know what is going on between the two of them.

Let’s not forget that apart from Simi’s being the only featured artiste on his album, she was also the only one that mixed and mastered the entire album except for the track, Sade which was mixed and mastered by V-Tek.

He narated his experience with Simi during the recording of his album and revealed how he and Simi fought during the voicing of some tracks because she wasn’t satisfied with the recording. In his word

“Simi is amazing, though we had times that we fought about some songs on the album like ‘Nurse Alabere’ I recorded the song like three times, recorded ‘Fight for you’ about three times,”

Adekunle Gold is trying to hard not to own-up about his relationship with Simi. Anyway Falz The Bahd Guy might soon switch from being in the friend zone to being the boo if care is not taken. There seems to be a CHEMISTRY between Falz and Simi. Adekunle Gold needs to go and listen to that song because a lot was said in it. Well me I’m just saying my own. It’s not my business sha…..

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