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Photos: Yvonne Nelson & Jackie Appiah Officially Ends Rivalry


Gossips has been fueling around that actresses Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah are not on good terms, both avoiding each other until today when both posed for a photograph with an African actress based in America, Okawa Shaznay,. This is not clear whether the dispute is over between the two or not, or they have only posed for the photo, but the news from the industry is that there is nothing good between both. Both of them have not confirmed any serious matter between them, the cold war that has been running between for years. The tension between the both reached the peak when Yvonne Nelson was banned by the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG). The reports clearly show that this is due only because of Jackie Appiah as the cause of the ban due to an incident which took place on the Abdul Salam’s set in 2010. The news is circulating in the media that the dispute were further heightened when the two actresses stopped co-starring. Both of them appeared in Abdul Salam’s January premiered movie, ‘Bachelor’ and also both of the will featured in another upcoming Abdul Salam movie.


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