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Must Read: Kemi Olunloyo Suicidal In 2014.


Following a disastrous year in 2013, Kemi Olunloyo, better known as the m*dwoman of Ibadan  may now be suicidal.
Last year, Kemi finally gained the notoriety she wanted when she waded into the now discredited fantasy of femi fani kayode and claimed to be a witness of an affair that existed only in Fani kayode’s drug induced fantasy. Her lies and fani kayode’s lies were exposed when it emerged that both of them were not in the UK when fani kayode claimed his imaginary affair took place (although it must be said that Fani kayode quickly retracted his statement and issued several clarifications that he did NOT actually have an affair).
Moving on, this woman in Ibadan then had an altercation with a bus driver when she could not pay the fifty naira fare, landing her in the police station. With her typical expertise at lying, Kemi quickly went online to weave a story about the bus driver dragging her son and she taking over the wheel. To the credit of Ibadan police, they quickly saw through her lies and if not for the intervention of her father she would have been charged to court as a criminal.

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Under the influence of unknown spirits, Kemi threatened to commit suicide if President Jonathan wins in 2015. Nigerians massively voted for her to commit suicide IMMEDIATELY and shocked by the level of hatred for her, she deleted her fanbook page on facebook, much to the relief of Nigerians.
Unfortunately, the woman turned her attention to Tiwa Savage. This time, a strong spirit of Jealousy possessed her following the announcement that Tiwa was getting married. Unable to bear Tiwa’s happiness, the jealous Kemi, notorious for body odour and promiscuity launched an attack on Tiwa, claiming she was marrying a married man which was a lie. The madness of Kemi who has 4 children from 4 different men she cannot even name was shocking and resulted in her classmates exposing details of Kemi’s sordid past, her false age declaration, her abortions in class 4 and her inability to study in the UK.
Kemi’s subsequent relocation to the USA where she descended into a life of drugs, prostitution and multiple pregnancies and domestic abuse is history. A close inspection would reveal that Kemi’s two front teeth are false teeth to replace the two front teeth she lost during a beating from a drug addict boyfriend.
Kemi then launched a Christmas appeal to God asking for a husband for Christmas. That was the best joke of 2013! She had previously insulted Jesus Christ but wanted a gift from God for Christmas! It is no surprise that God did not answer her plea – she could have bitten off the private parts of the man like she bit her son in America before the Americans took the poor child from her.
With no husband from God for Christmas, Kemi lied and claimed she was returning to America to join her family! A deportee with multiple arrest warrants and no possibility of ever getting a visa, especially after posing with a gun and threatening to shoot all politicians going to America? Laughter all over Nigeria! The mad woman of Ibadan had lost it big time.
In a final desperate bid for attention, she attacked two respected pastors – Adeboye and Oyedepo – accusing them of being gay. This followed her claim that her own son is gay. As usual, Kemi had no evidence except her usual ability to lie and throw muck at people to destroy them.
But as 2013 came to a close and Kemi was left without a husband, a job, no money, and certainly no visa to America and she was now an object of ridicule, Kemi lapsed into depression.
Since January 2014, Kemi has become suicidal and has been restrained many times. She is under heavy medication which sometimes allows her to function almost normally (kemi can never be normal again due to drug use).
Her family suspect that the prayers of the offended flock of Adeboye and Oyedepo can lead to terrible results for Kemi and her frequent bouts of talking to herself has resulted in the family keeping her locked up for many hours each day. They are seeking help from babalawos to save Kemi! Babalawo cannot save Kemi.
The woman of Ibadan now needs prayers to save her from killing herself.


  1. Every part of your story is lies. Is this how you bloggers resort to making money? Kemi is in the United States doing a project with BET networks in Santa Monica with HNNAfrica. Sh is a US citizen, doesnt need a visa. Clinton gave her an alien of exceptional ability visa when she had her green card. She was deported from Canada. Suicidal if Jonathan wins? She is the head of PDP Women of Nigeria online. LMAO! She bit her son?? LMAO. This is the depth of madness on this blog. Kemi notorious for body odour? Nobody even sees her in Nigeria. You stole that from the blog of her Canadian stalker Shawn McQuaid (WhoismskemiBlogspot.com) who was locked up a year in canada for criminal harrassment.

    LAUGHABLE LIES: Kemi's subsequent relocation to the USA where she descended into a life of drugs, prostitution and multiple pregnancies and domestic abuse is history. A close inspection would reveal that Kemi's two front teeth are false teeth to replace the two front teeth she lost during a beating from a drug addict boyfriend.

    Ha! Ha! KEMI IS A SUBSTANCE ABUSE EXPERT THAT WON AWARDS from a Governor, Mayor and President. She's never used drugs!! And pls I used to enjoy your blog, Kemi's son was dragged by a bus and the audio of the bus driver is on her personal FB page. Get real!!
    @HNNAfrica is also where she posted it and press release page.

  2. Pa Pa Pa Pa !! LOL Badmos !!! Kemi don teach You how to lie sef !!! She is iN America in Ibadan abi lol…Kemi Toh Badth oooo

  3. Badmos Sola = Kemi Olunloyo

    This woman is delusional. She is not a citizen of the United States despite her living there for so many years. Kemi Olunloyo is a nobody. She is a con artist.

  4. Kemi is so transparent. Badmos sola is kemi for sure. Kemi abeg, show us your picture in America holding todays newspaper because yesterday your still in Ibadan quarrelling over N20 meatpie with potato! LMAO.
    and yes, Kemi. You bit your son. that is why US authority took him from you.

  5. How low kemi have sink and she have now come to defend herself using fake name badmos sola to practice her usual lies.
    Kemi d whole of Nigeria know u are in Ibadan. You never even reach lagos to taste correct meat pie.Lol!
    Please go to Aro fast fast before the internet if fill with ur funeral pictures like as u do for your grandmother when she come die last year

  6. I know Kemi very well. She smell like she is wearing 10 days old pant without having her bath. She also have very sweating face and her powder make her neck dirty like snake lizard.

    • Funny comment.
      Imagine smelling like 10 day old pants! yeuk!
      But in reality, she is one haggard looking animal. with all that heavy powder and bad wigs.
      what bothers me is how her head must smell under the bad wigs with all that sweat !

  7. Don't you people recognize that this Kemi of a bitch is crazy.why wasting time and space on a worthless criminal and deportee like KEMI who should have been locked up long ago in a looney house and the key thrown away. And to make things worse she has Body ODOUR.. I hate that in a woman!


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